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Oktava MD-44
Other Oktava MD-44Other Oktava MD-44 
Year: 60th
 Type: dynamic
Dynamic microphone from Russia with a handle - accessory part of a reportage tape recorder. 
Oktava MD-55
Other Oktava MD-55Other Oktava MD-55 
Year: 1958
 Type: dynamic
Dynamic microphone from Russia - accessory part of a reportage tape recorder.  
Melodie Klingenthal 1
Other Melodie Klingenthal 1Other Melodie Klingenthal 1 
Year: 50th
 Type: dynamic
Special microphone for accordions. The microphone has two capsules with volume control and two sucking disks.  
Hornyphon WM4800/00
Other Hornyphon WM4800/00Other Hornyphon WM4800/00 
Year: 70th
 Type: dynamic
Dynamic microphone with the wooden holder. 
Beag MD-21N
Other Beag MD-21NOther Beag MD-21N 
Year: 70th
 Type: dynamic
Dynamic microphone. 
MBC540 + MBC540 Peerless
Other MBC540 + MBC540 PeerlessOther MBC540 + MBC540 Peerless 
Year: 80th
 Type: condenser
Pair of condenser microphones. 
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